Koreans Keeping Moore’s Law Alive

April 3, 2006

Researchers at KAIST have announced that they have developed the worlds smallest transistor with a channel length of 3 nanometers. This would enable the development of terabit memories and processor speeds of 100GHz without the use of exotic materials such as carbon nanotubes or information processing within molecular materials.


DMB Prospects Improve in China

April 3, 2006

U.K. RadioScale has won more orders to supply DMB systems mobile TV operators in China, buring the total to 9 orders. Beijing Jolon Digital Media Broadcasting, Shanghai Oriental Pearl, and Guangdong Yue Guang Ditital Media Broadcasting, as well as others, are said to be bringing services on-line soon. RadioScale claims to have been a major enabler of Korean DMB deployment.

UWB Cellphone

April 3, 2006

Samsung has demonstrated a UWB phone that can perform large file transfers with set-top-boxes and other phones.

UWB Solutions for Mobile Handheld Devices(?)

Indian Smartphone reference platform

April 3, 2006

Indian IP and design service company GDA is rolling out a modular phone reference board design for multimedia handsets. Based on Freescale application processor. Can also be used on MP3 players, PDAs, and video conferenceing devices.

Addressing complex HDTV architecture

April 3, 2006

Bruce Berkoff, CEO of Enuclia Semiconductor, notes that there are "a maze of diferrent interfaces, resolutions, and other variations in flat-panel TV technology, particularly for hgih definition. HDTV must be able to work like a toaster…even top TV brands fuffer from complicated products."

Essentially, image processing systems are too complex and have a long way to go. Right now there is a wild mix complex designs with multiple processors and memory systems. An architecture is needed to improve performance and reduce costs.

Common Architectures for Flat-Panel Television(?)

FLO Forum

April 3, 2006

The FLO Forum, which is pushing the Qualcomm-created MediaoFLO mobile TV format, is heavily represented by Asian devices makers, including:

Beijing BEEF Science & Technology
LG Electronics
LG Telecom
Pantech & Curitel

(more here)

It's particululary interesting that Korean players have joined, considering the competing home-grown DMB standard. Must be a matter of hedging their bets. Could the long-running relationship with Qualcomm also be a factor?



Sean Connery shilling for immersion lithography?

February 26, 2006

As reported by the EE Times, Japan’s Toppan Photomasks apparently brought in Sean Connery, or someone that looked like him, for a reception at the SPIE Microlithography event in San Jose. (SPIE, spy, 007…get it?) It’s still not certain whether the man was the genuine article, but if he were I suppose it’s a step up from literally dancing for Japanese whiskey.

The EE Times article does a good job of going over the progress of realizing immersion lithography, but I suppose it could be summed up in one simple word.